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What's NYFT all about?

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NYFT is founded in Amsterdam and based on the ideal that the world is ready to buy conscious clothing which are of high quality and made to last, but that won’t cost you an arm and a leg to buy. Our clothes don’t hurt the environment and empower men to be the best version of themselves in the unique way. We are inspired by the satorial world and use the inspiration to create unique and tasteful pieces.

NYFT is inspired by the timeless elegance of satorialists in all of the world and in particular from Japan, Italy and Scandinavian countries. We offer everyday essential clothes which are comfortable and made of high quality materials sustainably crafted by local artisans. NYFT is ambitious and aims to become a staple in the wardrobe of every man that desires to more simplicity, versatility and high quality. At the end of the day every man should look sophisticated but comfortable. Tailored without feeling old.

After all, we are not your father’s tailor.


Made in Italy

Our knitwear is sustainably crafted by local artisans in Italy. We only work with partners who can ensure that production takes place ethically. And guarantee social and environmental standards.